COENS to proactively react to COVID-19 for clients and employees

Posted on August, 12, 2020


At a time when the Corona virus has spread around the world and is raising everyone's concerns, COENS has continued to receive positive feedback from our Clients. Since February, COENS has been actively providing up to date information about COVID-19. In particular, COENS issued and distributed 'COENS English Newsletter' to Clients containing information on the status of the outbreak, how to deal with suspected infections, the location of health centers in Geoje, movement of confirmed patients and information on infection prevention. One of our Client’s said “this English written newsletter has been quite helpful and the content for many foreign Client’s personnel who are staying in Geoje and struggling with a lack of English-language information”


COENS is also actively encouraging its own employees to work at home to ensure employees' safety from the COVID-19 infection. COENS is also providing employees with disinfection products as well as masks. Our CEO, Y.C.Kim said “The COVID-19 crisis still persists, which is and will remain in the near future a challenge for both Client and COENS’ employees but we will overcome this crisis together with flexible policies and prompt informative responses”

20200714 COENS-COVID-19 Support Services in South Korea