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EIA Manager (Environmental Impact Assessment)
2 years
  • The Project Team is seeking a mid to senior level staffer to assist permitting efforts for a floating offshore wind project in South Korea.
Job Description
  • The EIA manager is responsible for environmental and permitting services pertaining to the floating offshore wind development. This position’s key responsibility will be the delivery of the environmental and socio-economic impact assessment and acts as the EIA manager responsible for the required permits needed to develop this offshore floating wind project including, but not limited to the EIA approval, Marine Spatial Adequacy and use/occupancy of public waters. This includes design and executing of biological, geological and hydrological science and studies that are at the center of the permitting enterprise. The successful candidate will work with our staff and consultants to shape our interactions with key government agencies and key stakeholders including the fishing industry and marine science institutions.
  • • Lead the scoping, preparation and approval process for an Environmental Impact Assessment that meets both national and international standards;
  • • Scoping, preparation and execution of onshore and offshore scientific and monitoring studies needed to inform the impact assessment;
  • • Lead the permitting process required to obtain all relevant permits in a timely manner;
  • • Supporting the design and permitting of project site characterization activities on- and offshore;
  • • Representing the Project Team with government agencies and stakeholders;
  • • Review reports prepared by subject matter experts, preparation of documents summarizing reports;
  • • Careful review of documents vital to the permitting process;
  • • Oversee and manage contractors providing surveys, analyses and documents for the Project Team;
  • • Review and draft high-quality permitting documents with quantitative, qualitative and graphic components;
Requirements and Preference
WorkExperience : over 10 years
Additional Details
  • The ideal candidate will have relevant permitting and/or project development experience and will apply that experience to help the Project Team to obtain all needed permits.
Posted on 2020-11-13

Job Ref : 2011131605
Location : Korea
Duration : 2 years

Recruiter Information

Name : Aron Lee
Email :
Contact : 82 010 2818 8108