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HSSE Deputy Manager
Jing'An District, Shanghai, China
  • Our Client in China, a major company within the fabrication and operational aspects of FPSO’s industry is currently looking to fill this position.
Job Description
  • Role Purpose
  • As Group Manager, for your applicable discipline(s), you are accountable for developing your discipline framework and actively driving and ensuring its implementation throughout the organization, in order to prevent or mitigate any risks to our personnel, assets, the environment or our Company performance and reputation.
  • You contribute to the Group strategy and manage its implementation, provide governance and drive continuous improvement via steer and support to Regional Centers and Process Owners.
  • You play a key role in promoting and embedding strong leadership, positive behaviour and culture throughout the organization.
  • If assigned, you will be the Discipline Authority, being the most knowledgeable expert for your specific discipline with the associated authority applicable across the organization.
  • If assigned, you will lead the department employees and ensure they have the right (level of) competencies to deliver the work results in time and within budget. You shall oversee resource allocation, employee development and talent development.
  • Role Contribution
  • 1. In order to ensure a consistent and effective application of the strategy, governance principles and management systems across the organization, in line with the Group strategy, Company and legal requirements, for your discipline, you are to:
  • 1.1. Plan activities to meet strategic objectives, for endorsement and implementation
  • 1.2. Translate the strategy into systems and tools
  • 1.3. Contribute to set targets and KPIs to assess performance against strategy
  • 1.4. Drive the implementation of the management systems in the Regional Centre activities, taking into account local business constraints and balancing out conflicting regional needs
  • 1.5. Coordinate the auditing activities at Group level, defining the audit requirements and scope, preparing the audit planning, conducting audits on the implementation of the functional framework and monitoring progress, in order to get the ISO certification scheme validated
  • 1.6. Report on deficiencies, ensure root causes are identified and actions are taken and documented
  • 1.7. Provide required performance reports to the Management
  • 1.8. Coordinate client pre-qualification and vendor qualification and validation (when required)
  • 1.9. Provide input for your applicable discipline to the Annual Management Review, consolidated by the Group Quality Management team and External Annual Reports
  • 1.10. Provide a regular overview of the key risks areas and effectiveness of controls
  • 1.11. Alert and make recommendations on potential risks related to processes, policies and systems to Senior Management
  • 1.12. Continually engage with and support your discipline’s community across all Regional Centers, sharing best practices, feedback, new ways of working and developments
  • 1.13. Drive continuous improvement of the systems and tools
  • 1.14. Manage assigned improvement initiative programmes
  • 1.15. Run the due diligence process for discipline-related vendor qualification
  • The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
  •  Adequacy of the functional framework to your discipline
  •  Satisfaction of the Business Owners
  •  Internal audit findings
  •  Quality and timely delivery of reporting
  •  Effectiveness of improvement action
  •  Maturity assessment of ISRS by external auditors
  •  Certification scheme validated by applicable authority
  •  Tools and systems effective deployment
  • 2. In order to embed a strong leadership and culture and ensure a solid understanding of the policies and processes across the organization, you are to:
  • 2.1. Develop and deploy, at global level, training programmes, awareness initiatives and communication campaigns, with the support of the Group Learning & Development and Group Communications teams
  • 2.2. Interface with the other Group functions to ensure a coordinated approach
  • 2.3. Assess the quality, the consistency and the impact of the campaigns across the organization, through employees’ engagement
  • 2.4. Pioneer new ways of working to create effective structures to communicate across all regions and disciplines
  • The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
  •  Survey results after campaigns and trainings
  •  RC feedback on discipline engagement
  • 3. (When applicable) In order to fulfil your role as Discipline Authority you are to:
  • 3.1. Represent Company’s interests and share expert knowledge with specialized industry bodies to influence the development of industry standards and maintain Company’s competitiveness.
  • 3.2. Ensure a permanent watch of the industry standards and identify set of industry norms that may or shall be deployed in our business
  • 3.3. Maintain a solid internal and external professional network to stay informed in real-time of evolutions, and be the focal point for the Technical Authorities
  • 3.4. Proactively interface with external authorities and regulators as required
  • 3.5. When required, conduct audits on site along the execution and operations phases
  • 3.6. (Specific to Security) When, required, conduct country security assessments and review Client’s security plans, in order to provide adequate advice to the Project or Operations Manager to increase security requirements
  • The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
  •  Company recognised by client as a trusted partner
  •  Leading and lagging indicators
  • 4. If acting as Department Manager, in order to effectively develop employees and manage talent, you are to:
  • 4.1. Ensure that department employees have the right (level of) competencies to enable both current and future business priorities and needs.
  • 4.2. Provide regular individual (and timely) feedback, ensure performance issues are addressed promptly and partner with HR to install and promote a motivating working environment.
  • 4.3. Ensure team has sufficient growth opportunities and proper development in relevant areas that are aligned with both current and future business needs
  • 4.4. Promote talent growth by ensuring talents have exposure and opportunities within the department/ other departments/projects/other RC’s when applicable.
  • 4.5. Ensure individual/ team development budget is properly allocated to maximize talent development for current/ future business needs
  • 4.6. Ensure appropriate employee time can be dedicated to development in order to ensure that current and future business needs can be met
  • 4.7. Coach employees, utilize and follow-up of development action plans and engage in effective retention efforts.
  • The measure of your effectiveness in this will be:
  •  Proven increase in behavioural and functional competency levels of the department
  •  Feedback from relevant other departments/ projects that allocated resources have the (right level of) competences to be effective
  •  Development plans are of good quality and in place for all department employees
  •  Succession and talent management plan available and up to date
Requirements and Preference
Qualification : Fluent in both Chinese language(Mandarin) and English
Posted on 2019-11-05

Job Ref : 1909261135
Location : Jing'An District, Shanghai, China
Duration : Permanent

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Name : Alvin Kim
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