Quality Health Safety Environment MANAGEMENT

The COENS, QHSE Team works specifically to establish and maintain Quality, Health, Safety and Environment standards within our company.

We achieve this through the in-house QHSE Management System, which is developed and maintained by our QHSE Team The QHSE Management system helps to investigate, analyze and report on the following:

1. Management Review
2. Customer Complain Management
3. Corrective/Preventive Action Report
4. Customer Satisfaction Measurement
5. Incident Investigation Report
6. Internal/External Audit Result
7. Key Performance Indicator

Through this system, we continually improve our work processes, policies and systems to ensure that they always remain effective & efficient in meeting our clients’ requirements and achieving our corporate QHSE objectives.

Our QHSE Team also supports our top management, business departments and employees in understanding the importance of QHSE and implementing QHSE standards in the workplace.

Our attention towards actively promoting a QHSE culture in our company has enabled us to be certified to the ISO9001, ISO14001 and OHSAS18001 standards.

Our various services such as Project Support, Technical Consulting, Manpower Supply, Procurement and Logistics, and HSE Training services are all certified to international standards.

We have been able to achieve this through our keen efforts in maintaining QHSE Standards and are continually committed to operate at par with QHSE Standards.