COENS wins multiple contracts for Future Growth Project (FGP-WPMP)

Posted on November, 22, 2016


COENS is pleased to announce that we have been awarded contracts by multiple clients in South Korea for the provision of services to the Future Growth Project/Wellhead Pressure Management Project (FGP-WPMP). The contracts are expected to last for the duration of the project in South Korea.

The 2 contracts have been awarded by ‘TengizChevroil  LLP’ and ‘Warner Surveys’ respectively.

The detailed scope of services that COENS will cover includes relocation, accommodation, procurement, transport, communication, emergency services, and other related services.

COENS have been an active services provider for the oil and gas industry in South Korea for nearly 18 years.

Mr. Y C Kim, CEO, COENS, said: “We are pleased about the award of these contracts for many reasons; chief among them being the trust that our clients have placed in us. It assures us that we are doing the right things in the current market situation and motivates us to continue to do so”.