A glance at COENS Busan Relocation

Posted on June, 08, 2016


At COENS, our support staff plays a key role to ensure that surpassing client expectation is standard practice. Last week, we spoke to 2 such staff in COENS’s Busan office.

Julie Yoon and Julien Choi, who are our relocation consultants in Busan, spoke about how it all comes together for a foreigner as they take up the Busan city to be their new home!

Q. In your experience, what kinds of difficulties do expat clients face during the relocation process?

When expats first arrive in South Korea, they are not familiar with the area and the Korean language. They normally have so many questions about life in Korea. They are curious about where to buy things, how to travel, and good places to spend time with family.  South Koreans can speak English; however there are still many people in Korea who speak little English.  So we think communication is the biggest difficulty that expat clients face during the relocation process.

Another difficulty they face is finding specific and valid information and performing checks during the process of renting an accommodation. This may range from verifying legal documents of the property to understanding the security deposit system in South Korea.

Q. Does your role help ease this difficulty, and do you enjoy it?

As a relocation consultant, it is our prime focus that the client feels comfortable during the entire relocation process. We achieve this by being friendly and approachable, and providing information in the English language.

 We begin with finding them a suitable place to live, assisting them to settle in, managing maintenance issues, and ensuring a smooth closure when they move out at the end of their assignment. All of these services are fully operated through our Busan office.

Both Julien and I are helpful and friendly by nature, and yes, we enjoy our role. They are not only our clients, but also our friends. We sometimes have coffee together and catch up. I enjoy this part about my job.

Q. Please explain COENS’ accommodation maintenance service?

COENS accommodation maintenance service is a proactive service for our clients should they face any inconvenience or issues in their apartment. We respond to maintenance issues within 3 hours. When we detect a problem we fix it quickly, and we do so in with adherence to safety regulations. Our in-house QHSE team defines and monitors the way we do things, so neither safety nor client satisfaction is compromised.

Q. What do you think are the benefits of living in Busan city as compared to Geoje or Ulsan?

Busan is the second largest city in Korea. The public transportation is well developed as compared to Geoje or Ulsan. Any place in Busan is a subway ride away.  So getting around is a lot easier. Busan is also well connected to other cities in Korea via KTX trains and express buses. There are plenty of international schools and universities, hospitals, restaurants and other conveniences. Some of the popular places to visit are Haeundae and Kwang An Lee beach, food alley in Nampo-dong and Marine city.

Q. How do you think COENS accommodation services in Busan add value to the overall client experience?

At COENS we treat our clients as our friends. We always try to ensure their wellbeing during their time in Korea.  We try to create good times for them by organizing day-outs to events around Busan. And we try to calm them down and help them find a solution in times of crisis like theft, or accident or injury.

Due to this, we are able to create excellent relations with our clients. We feel happy when they see value in our services, and appreciate us.