A glance at COENS Myanmar!

Posted on March, 11, 2016


Aye Kay Khine, Deputy Operation Manager of COENS Myanmar talks about COENS and the Oil and Gas industry in Myanmar.

Oil and Gas in Myanmar

Myanmar is a developing country and an important natural gas and petroleum producer in Asia. It is home to one of the world's oldest petroleum industries, with its first crude oil exports dating back to 1853.

Myanmar is today primarily a natural gas producer. Consequently, major areas of work in this country are Seismic studies, Exploration, and Operations and Management. Currently, the country has classified 51 onshore blocks and 53 offshore blocks, including 26 deep water blocks, for oil and gas exploration.

Of these, 18 Contracts are active in 19 offshore blocks with 8 foreign companies from 8 countries.  In onshore area, 16 Contracts are active in 16 onshore blocks with 12 foreign companies from 11 countries.

As of 2015, Myanmar exports gas to Thailand and China.


The Future

Many countries from Asia, chiefly Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Japan, and India are seeking discussion with Myanmar Oil and Gas Enterprise (MOGE). Besides Asian firms, Australian companies are also interested in doing business in the newly opened nation.

Consecutively, additional 20 offshore blocks have been auctioned off and pre-exploration activities are underway.

Myanmar aims high for gas discoveries in the future, and to remain an attractive frontier for international oil and gas companies.


COENS in Myanmar

The COENS Myanmar office is based in Yangon city, which is also the largest city of Myanmar. The COENS Myanmar team comprises of Burmese staffs who understand the cultural expectations of Myanmar and more experienced Korean staffs that assist to navigate the day to day business activities. Currently, local and international Recruitment, Accounts Management and Global Mobility are COENS’ core business functions in Myanmar. We are working towards providing full-fledged Logistics, Procurement and HSE training services in Myanmar in the near future.