Statoil vs. COENS, and the winner is______ !

Posted on December, 14, 2015


On November 25, 2015, a football match was held between COENS’ Korea staff and the football team of Statoil personnel assigned in Korea. The match was conducted at COENS’ invitation in the Aju Stadium in Geoje.

Statoil’s football team comprised of personnel from the Mariner Topside Platform Project, GinaKrog Project and Cat J Project, and Statoil won the game with a score of 5:1.

This was the second time that the 2 teams played a football match against each other. COENS is glad to have organized the venue and refreshments for this event.

Mr. Anders Moen, Cost Control Lead on Statoil’s Mariner Topside Project, said: “This second match between the 2 teams was also a good game and we had a great time. And let us have a third match in the next year”.

Mr. Lio Ryu, Senior Consultant of Global Recruitment Division, COENS was the organizer of this event. Mr. Ryu said: “Sportsmanship is one of the best ways to build relationships and I am thankful to everyone from COENS and Statoil, who participated and made the match a success.”

Congratulations to the Statoil team on winning this match!