Safety Drill conducted at COENS, South Korea

Posted on October, 27, 2015


Recently, a company-wide safety drill was conducted at the COENS’ offices in South Korea on the 23rd of October, 2015. The drill was conducted by the COENS ‘Quality, Health, Safety and Environment (QHSE)’ team.

All employees took part at the same time attending a presentation and simulating a fire drill, and emergency first-aid procedure.

Through the fire alarm drill, all members of the company demonstrated their ability to complete individually assigned tasks and to complete tasks as a team. . 

Claire Eom, Regional Manager of Global recruitment Division, COENS said: “I am glad ‘Safety is Key’ in our organization, not only as a value, but a living day to day practice.”

COENS’ various services such as Project Support, Technical Consulting, Manpower Supply, Procurement and Logistics, and HSE Training services are all certified to international standards.

On this day, we thank our COENS’ QHSE team, for ensuring that the same standard of Safety is applied within the organization as well.