At COENS it's not all work, but play too !

Posted on July, 20, 2015

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All work and no play can make life dull, but the team that plays together, work together.

And so, on the sunny morning of April 25 this year, COENS organized a Sports day for its employees in South Korea.

All employees of COENS, South-Korea, came together and participated in games of Volley-Ball, Dodge-ball, and various races. Whilst some performed admirably, others cheered their teams to the winning post.

From trainees to CEOs, all brushed their shoulders in the games and made the day a success. “The games, fun and sportsmanship will help boost our well-being and team-spirit even more”, said Mr. Y C Kim, CEO, COENS.

At the end of the day, COENS, South Korea was indeed the team that played together and worked together.