Awarded new contracts, COENS CHINA continues expansion

Posted on September, 20, 2018


COENS CHINA continues to press their expansion strategy in China and the results have been the recently secured contracts across multiple projects and industries.

COENS CHINA has been awarded the rights to supply manpower to a UK-based international turret EPC company for work during the fabrication phase on the FPSO. After completion the FPSO is scheduled to begin operating offshore in Malaysian waters in 2019.

The EPC work will constitute a retrofit of an existing platform, and thus COENS CHINA faces the challenge of supplying the skilled labor necessary to meet the demands of an especially complex project.

Being entrusted to do so by a major turret company is indicative of engineering firms’ confidence in COENS CHINA to get the job done.

And growth for COENS CHINA is not limited to the offshore industry. A Korean maritime concern recently placed an order for three large cargo ships to be built at the Taixing yard in China. The ships are designed to carry 2,900 tons deadweight and follow an order of four 6,500 dwt cargo ships placed last year. The shipping firm picked COENS CHINA to secure manpower for parts of these projects, signaling growing recognition of COENS’ capabilities on the mainland and further enlarging the company’s already sizable footprint in the maritime industry, which includes work for a Japanese shipping giant. Being awarded this contract constitutes a major step in COENS CHINA’s vision of growth across multiple industries.

These contracts are in addition to a deal with a Chinese engineering firm to provide manpower for a new offshore project in Indonesia on a permanent basis. This kind of trust in COENS CHINA’s proven record of excellence in headhunting and finding the best possible talent for the job at hand bodes well for the future growth potential of COENS CHINA.

“We are delighted to earn these contracts and are confident we can provide the client with the kind professional and high-quality service all of our clients consistently receive,” said Mr. Ryu, COENS China Representative. “We trust that this opportunity will lay the foundation for a long-lasting and mutually beneficial relationship with clients and Chinese shipyards.