COENS and National PPE showcase safety expertise at KISS

Posted on July, 16, 2018


COENS and partner firm National PPE participated in the 36th annual Korea International Health and Safety Show (KISS), which ran from July 2 to July 5 2018 at COEX Seoul, promoting COENS integrated solutions and NATIONAL PPE’s industrial safety equipment.  

The Korea Occupational Safety and Health Agency has hosted the exhibition since 1983 for the purpose of promoting industrial safety and preventing industrial accidents. The Health Show has provided opportunities for industrial safety firms to introduce their services and goods and to forge relationships with both domestic and international clients. Representatives from an array of industries market their wares at the trade show, and the sectors represented include: industrial safety and protective gear, industrial health and occupational wellness, disaster prevention, public services, process safety management and “smart” safety.  

The exhibition was a special opportunity for National PPE to promote its S-10 and S-12 line of safety boots, the preferred safety boots of Samsung Electronics. These boots contain some of the most advanced safety technology in the industry, reducing discomfort and pain through unique Iron Curve and Toe wing designs, and received glowing reviews from those in attendance who had the opportunity to try them on. 

Steve Seo, COENS’ Vice President, personally attended the exhibition and “This expo was a great opportunity for National PPE to better establish itself as a brand synonymous with worksite safety and advanced protective technology,” he said.