COENS and UK biomass firm join forces at BIXPO 2017

Posted on November, 23, 2017


COENS partnered with alternative energy concern UK-based SEaB Energy to exhibit the latter’s on-site waste conversion units for the Korean market at the New Technology Exhibition, International Conference and International Invention Fair of BIXPO 2017. The event was held November 1-3 at the Kim Dae Jung convention center in Gwangju, Korea.

Hosted by KEPCO (Korea Electric Power Corporation) and sponsored by the national Ministry of Trade, Industry and Energy, BIXPO is one of Korea’s premier energy industry conferences, with over 70,000 participants from 47 countries exhibiting hundreds of products for 268 companies.   

COENS’ joint display with SEaB Energy featured innovative waste management systems that transform various forms of organic waste into energy as heat or electricity, lowering costs associated with energy and waste removal in addition to shrinking a site’s carbon footprint and potentially generating income.  

“Participating in BIXPO this year demonstrated how COENS’ solutions can work for alternative energy companies,” said Executive Vice President of COENS, Steve Seo. “We are looking forward to working with firms leading the green energy revolution.”