Keep up with CISRS Scaffold Inspection Course

Posted on May, 02, 2017


COENS' Safety Training Center’ has scheduled a 3 day CISRS OSTS Basic Scaffold Inspection Course from 3rd to 5th of June, 2017. The scaffold Inspector Training scheme is aimed at non-scaffolders and scaffolders who require the knowledge and skills to carry out scaffold safety inspections in accordance with local regulations and international good practice.

The course will be imparted at COENS’ purpose built training center in Geoje, and would consist of theory and practical session.  Competence would be measured by multi choice examination and practical scaffold inspection examination, and a CISRS Certificate of Training and a record card would be provided upon completion of course and successful completion of both examinations. The certification is valid is for 5 years.

Last date for registration on the course is the 10th of May 2017. We encourage all scaffolding technicians and professionals to utilize this opportunity to further their professional health and safety competence.

For further information on course contents and to register please call 010.5699.3050 or email